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April 22, 2013
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Cry: Charge by Kiwa007 Cry: Charge by Kiwa007
i fucked up the timing :/ sorry...
gosh, im so tired x_x

tumblr: [link]

More Cry:

Crys YT channel: [link]
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Although I personalty don't have an excess of animating experience, I can appreciate the time that must be put into animations. As a Cry fan I greatly enjoy your work and rarely find errors unless they where pointed out. Here I think that while everything was awesome, the beginning is a bit of a buzz-kill. Cry looks too stiff and lifeless, unlike on-guard like I assume you Imagined him. This can be remedied by adding another keyframe in between the first and second, preferably with Cry bending his arms just a little at the elbows. The acceleration is perfect, and his reach is well timed, though he seems to jump after making the turn. Overall excellent work!

Looking forward to seeing more Crynime
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I'm no good in animating humans, it's a thing I find particulary hard to do.
So for that, I must praise you, you're doing a really good job.

I like the pastel color scheme you've chosen for this one, the shadows and the simple background work well with it. The line work and coloration are spot on (as usual).

I'm having some problems with the timing, as you've mentioned yourself.
He seems to be moving way to fast. In my opnion it would've looked better, if you would add a few more frames in the running sequence, the movement would've looked smoother and less fast paced.
I' malso having a problem with the last two or three frames. The hand reaching sequence seems like it's missing a frame inbetween, it's a bit "jumpy" in my opinion.

Still, you've done an amazing job and your animations allways help bring charaters to life.
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Facepalms from cry.
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Me in an awkward moment: Um...CHAAARGE!
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your art is so awesome!~
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can I use this as my webcam?
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I still say this is cool
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This reminds me of the ending of Paranormal Activityscared.... "the 2nd" 
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this is more a high 5 than a charge............a charge high 5! a charge 5!!!
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